Lion Sociality Media

2020. Research paper and Interview featured at the University of Minnesota Home Page

2020. Featured article based on Stotra’s contributed research talk at ESA 2020 forest-dwelling-lionesses-seek-many-mates

2020. Interview featured in the New York Times “The Leopard Cub With the Lioness Mom”

2020. Interview for BBC Radio “How a leopard cub was ‘adopted’ by a lioness mum”

2020. Research Featured in the Smithsonian Magazine.

2019. Stotra’s PhD research featured in The Hindu “It’s all about the Lion Queen. The pride increases because of her”

2019. Stotra’s PhD research featured in Discovery Magazine “Lion queens of India”

2019. Stotra’s PhD research featured in the National Geographic “How Asiatic lionesses shield their cubs from killer males”

2019. Full Length interview feature article in Psychology Today “Who’s the Daddy? For Lion Cubs, It’s Safer Not to Know”