Summer 2023

  • Stotra receives a Career Diversity Award from the Animal Behavior Society to participate, present, and moderate a session at the Animal Behavior Society Conference 2023 in Portland from July 11-15. He will be presenting his research on sexual segregation in lions
  • CAB Lab member Avery Munster receives the Turner Award from Animal Behavior Society to participate and present her undergrad research at the Animal Behavior Society Conference 2023 in Portland from July 11-15
  • CAB Lab member Eliza King’s undergrad research gets accepted for an oral presentation at the 13th International Mammalogical Congress, Alaska (July 14-20). Eliza will be presenting her work on ‘diet and prey-preference of lions in Tsavo’
  • Stotra receives an Early Career Travel Award from the American Society of Mammologists to participate and present at the 13 th International Mammalogical Congress, Alaska (July 14-20). He will be presenting his research on sexual segregation in lions.
  • The CAB lab, in collaboration with the Yellowstone Wolf and Cougar Projects starts this summer’s research hosting 2 recent Mac grads, Zoe Lowe and Eliza King, to examine the temporal and spatial patterns of meso-predators in Yellowstone.
  • Stotra joins the Biology Department at Macalester as a TT Professor!

Spring 2023

  • Stotra completes another iteration of the Wildlife Monitoring Techniques Course – super eventful and fun
  • Mac Press creates a video of the Wildlife Handling Lab as part of Stotra’s Wildlife Monitoring Course. Link to the video
  • Stotra is teaching the core Ecology & Environment Course for the 1st time at Mac – he is on the same page as others in the class 🙂
  • Paper led by CAB Lab collaborator Aaron Morris and Lab alum Ian Smith, examining scavenger interactions at elephant carcasses in Tsavo is submitted to a special issue in the Journal Food Webs. Link to preprint
  • CAB lab members Avery and Eliza defend their capstone presentations! Hurray!
  • Capstone researchers with Stotra – Eleanor Michaud and Jewel Kerr defend their capstones! Yaaaay!
  • CAB lab member Avery Munster gets accepted to multiple Vet School programs including UPenn! Woah!
  • Eleanor Michaud, capstone advisee with Stotra, gets accepted to multiple Vet School programs, including Tufts and University of Illinois! What a star!
  • CAB lab member Lara defends her honors thesis with an amazing exit seminar to the wildlife monitoring class and faculties
  • Study linking biodiversity conservation and human development, coauthored by Stotra and collaborators, published in Nature Sustainability! Check it out here

Fall 2022

  • Stotra’s op-ed on Cheetah Reintroduction in India is published in the Indian Express. Link here
  • Stotra completes teaching another iteration of his Animal Behavior and Wildlife Conservation Courses
  • Stotra speaks about his recently published paper in Journal Frontiers in Ecology & Evolution about wolf demography in Minnesota, at the International Wolf Symposium (Oct 13-16)
  • Chapter on Asian Lion sociality, led by Stotra is now accepted for publication in the book “Social strategies of carnivorous mammalian predators: Hunting and Surviving as Families”.
  • Lara Boudinot joins the CAB lab as an undergraduate research collaborator, and along with the Bump Lab at UMN and SFS Tanzania, her honors thesis will
    investigate the demography of lions in Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Park

Summer 2022

  • Paper examining the demography of wolves in MN, led by Stotra published in Journal Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. Link to the OA paper
  • Avery Munster and Eliza King join the CAB lab as summer researchers. Avery will be examining wolf-beaver interactions in Voyageurs Ecosystem, MN; and Eliza will be investigating diet and prey selection of lions in Tsavo, Kenya
  • Stotra travels to India for fieldwork and for delivering 3 invited seminars at the National Center for Biological Sciences, Center for Ecological Studies, and the Wildlife Institute of India

Spring 2022

  • Stotra receives the Macalester College Academic Affairs Committee ‘Educator of the Year’ Award – a college level award, nominated by students!
  • Paper examining how wolf personalities affect predation mediated ecosystem services, co-authored by Stotra gets published in the ESA Journal Frontiers in
    Ecology & Environment [PDF]
  • Stotra teaches his Wildlife Monitoring Techniques Course for the first time – fun and eventful!
  • Stotra teaches his Wildlife Disease Ecology Course for the first time – pretty ‘sick’
  • Cab Lab member Ian Smith extends his capstone research through an Independent Project with Stotra, in collaboration with the Bump Lab at UMN to examine scavenger communities on elephant carcasses in Tsavo Kenya

Fall 2021

  • Animal Behavior Course featured on the Mac News, read here
  • Stotra records a podcast for Rewildology – Asiatic Lion: Dark Past, Successful Present & Unknown Future. Listen Here
  • Stotra develops and curates his first 2 courses for Mac – upper-level Animal Behavior (+Lab) and an upper-level Seminar in Wildlife Conservation in the Anthropocene
  • Stotra completes his Postdoc at the University of Minnesota and joins Macalester College as a Visiting Professor of Animal Behavior